• Closing Ceremonies

    Celebrate with our players, coaches and parents as we close down another successful Little League Baseball season in Live Oak on Sunday, June 3rd.   This is an opportunity for us to give out accolades a... More
  • What are Divisions?

    We want to reiterate that no experience or prior knowledge with baseball is required to play Little League Baseball!  For those who haven't played before and/or don't know much about baseball, the Man... More
  • Baseball Lingo

    Baseball is a sport with a very large amount of slang/lingo associated with it, much of it very colorful. For example, "The Giant's ace hurler was throwing a ton of cheese that night, while the outfiel... More
  • Bat Selection Help

    Bat selection for your player can make a big difference - here are some useful links on the topic! This article describes the general process for selecting an appropriate bat size for your child: http:/... More
  • New Little League Age Determination Date

    Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of discussion about the Little League Baseball® Age Determination Date. This is an important topic to everyone involved in Little League, and Little League ... More
  • Pleasure Point Photography

    Pleasure Point Photography has photographs from the 2015 Live Oak Little League Season available for sale, visit their website for more information!