Snack Shack

UpdatedTuesday February 1, 2022 byJennifer Gallacher.

Greetings from the Snack Shack!

The Snack Shack at Green Acres Elementary School is a critical part of LOLL, providing a vital source of revenue to help offset operating expenses, such as field maintenance and equipment. The snack shack is CASH ONLY.



Each team will be responsible for working the snack



All families are welcome to start tabs at the Snack Shack, although they must remain in the positive. You can pay in advance, then allow your child to order off the tab which we track in the snack shack. Tabs will begin opening day and end closing day - they do not roll over year to year.


We recognize that families rely on the snack shack for meals throughout the season. If you have ideas of food choices you’d like us to stock, email We do our best to meet the needs of the community while keeping food purchasing and preparations manageable for our volunteers.  


We recommend learning more about how the Snack Shack works by reviewing our procedure binder before your shift. A hard copy is also available in the shack.